Project Management

The Project Management Features can be accessed through the Navigation Menu.

The following is a summary of the features that each component provides:

Project Management
PM Project
Allows users to create records of projects, including assigning users as project manager and team.

PM Task
Allows users to create records of tasks, including fitting into a work breakdown structure and assigning to a user or team.

PM Ticket
Allows users to create records of tickets, including assigning to a user or team.

PM Timetracking
Allows users to create records of time worked, referencing the PM Project or Task worked upon.

Financial Tracking
PM Invoice
Allows users to create itemised invoices and track payment of those.

PM Expense
Allows users to create records of expenses.

Access / Administration
This group of modules mainly allow you to customise who has access to content created as part of other Drupal PM modules.

Project Management
The core module "Project Management" needs to be enabled on all Drupal PM installations. This module provides functionality common and reused in all of the other modules, such as linking menus and styles.

PM Organization
Commonly used for clients, this module provides a content type "Organization" storing information on that client and enabling content and access rights to be shared based on membership of this organization.

PM Person
Drupal PM directly integrates with Drupal user accounts, so that persons can log in to see content assigned to them (if you allow that). This module adds fields to the Drupal user account so that you can store more information on that person.

(NB: This module is currently being overhauled, for details:

PM Team
Sometimes you may wish to assign Drupal PM content to multiple users, or a function rather than a specific person. PM Teams are groups of Drupal users that can be assigned to content together.

Users can be added and removed from the team without editing all content that the team is assigned to. Users within the team gain access rights based on their membership of the team, for example viewing, editing or deleting content.

PM Note
Allows free text notes to be created and attached to other Drupal PM content. Access to notes can be protected, so can be more appropriate than comments.